Welcome Airandsea Agency!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your rates (boat, air, insurance, clearing, etc.)?
2. When is weekly cut off for shipments?
Our weekly cut off is every Tuesday at 5PM. Please also note that our Florida warehouse closes each business day from 12PM-1PM to facilitate lunch time for employees. Cargo is usually delivered the next business day by your courier if the warehouse is closed.
3. How long will my packages take to arrive?
Estimated time of arrival varies for all cargo shipped, please give us a call to provide you an accurate estimation.
4. Do you offer consolidation?
Yes, we offer local consolidation if you require a pallet sized shipment.
5. Do I have to sign up for an account?
Yes, click here to sign up.
6. How will I know when my package is received?
You will receive a notification from our warehouse with details of received cargo.
7. How will I know if an invoice is needed?
An email requesting your invoice will be sent.
8. Do you ship vehicles and personal containers?
Yes, we do, please contact our office for more details.
9. Do you offer personal shopper services?
Yes, we do. Our personal shopper, Eddy will be happy to assist you, click here for more information. I am missing an item, or my cargo is damaged. Please inform one of our customer service agents or our warehouse manager immediately. If you require a refund, please complete our CLAIM FORM and submit it to our office.
10. When is your auction?
Since 2017 our auction is held during late August, the date and details will be announced via newsletter and social media.